Two men, the father and the son,

same name,

,one first name, JULES ,

one passion:

olive oil pressed in the mill ,

founded in 1868

at st pantaloon les vignes,in France.




1990 : Paul-Robert PONSON, great nephew of Jules BROCHENIN II, takes over

               by creating RICHARD DE NYONS. He therefore carries on

               the traditions of his ancestors. He continues to concentrate on

               the production of quality products in order to distinguish themselves. 

1994 : Creation of an oil-mill to crush organic oil-seeds

               (organic virgin sunflower). 

2001 : Stocking and packing unit is moved to Tulette – Drôme Provençale.

               RICHARD DE NYONS makes the most of this change of address,

               goes back to its family origins and becomes “Jules BROCHENIN”. 

2001 : Purchase of ALCUBILLA 2000

               (Organic olive oil mill in CASTRO DEL RIO, SPAIN). 

2002 : Purchase of LA MATA

               (Conventional olive oil mill in CASTRO DEL RIO, SPAIN) .

2003 : Transfert of the organic oil-seeds mill to Tulette. 
2004 : First crushing of organic rapeseed seeds. 
2005 : First crushing of organic safflower seeds. 
2007 : First crushing of organic sesame seeds.


Jules BROCHENIN continues to invest in order to improve

so that they can offer you the best oils possible.